Singing Bowls

This past weekend I attended the 3 day Abbotsford Gem Show and brought home a few small treasures each day. One of those finds was this singing bowl.

There were a few to choose from on this vendor’s table in different sizes and with different motifs, this one being the largest and with the most pleasing tone to my ears.

It was made in Nepal out of bronze, has 5 figures inside the bowl in different meditative poses,and six letters or words around the outside. One symbol I recognize as OM, so I believe it may be the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. It doesn’t translate well into one or two sentences in English but appears to be roughly the “jewel in the lotus” and imply developing character, spiritual growth and the path to enlightenment.

It measures roughly between 495 and 500 hz, making it a B note. This note apparently is for the crown chakra. I am not entirely convinced yet about the existence of these spinning discs that need constant alignment, but it’s interesting reading nonetheless.

After some research I have determined that by playing it I am not invoking any deity or demon, casting spells, worshipping false gods or doing any other potentially dangerous thing even though they have nepalese/tibetan/indian origins and an association with buddhist and hindu religions. In fact, some christian churches use a bowl to signal the beginning and ending of prayer or during periods of quiet reflection.


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