First Market Experience

Whew!  I did it!

My first craft market was this past Sunday!



I am the short one.  My oldest daughter and husband were a great help for setup and takedown.

It was not very well attended but I did make a few sales to cover my table fee and other expenses, handed out a few business cards, met a few really nice vendors and received several compliments on my products and display.

The best part for me was the opportunity to test my stands, checkout area and packaging, lights etc and learn firsthand what the market environment is like. It also forced me to blast right out of my comfort zone, and talk to people about my jewelry.

I am super sensitive and an introvert so I sometimes I find it emotionally exhausting to be around so many people. It was much, much easier than I anticipated and it will only get easier from here. #passiontrumpsfear

My Square payment swiper worked perfectly, and I used it for 75% of my sales. I am so thankful to myself that I took care of ordering it months ago!

All in all, a great experience, and I just registered for another show that other vendors mentioned.

That one is in just 2 days so I’d better get cracking!




T Minus 3 Days

Hello, Thursday!

I have just three short days left to prepare for my first craft market!

This is how my mock up table is coming along so far.


I have learned that individual price tags and labelling stones and ring sizes is VERY time consuming. So I have been doing a small number of them each night after taking care of other things on the to do list.

Also, even though cash is king, the ability to process credit cards is a necessity these days.

I tested my Square reader out last night and it works perfectly! I did a manually entered transaction and a magstripe swipe, and both completed flawlessly. I received a statement of activity email and the money was deposited in my account the next morning. Now I can accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit cards! Debit service is not yet available in Canada, and neither is the chip reader, but I am quite pleased to have the credit card acceptance ability at least.

Process $1,000 without fees when you activate with my invite link:

Wood Displays

My husband has been very helpful this past week, making wood display pieces for my upcoming craft markets!


These units will add some height and create levels which lifts items closer to eye level making it easier and more comfortable for shoppers, rather than staring down at a flat display.

He also made me some necklace holders! Each one can hold three of my electroformed necklaces, or two if they are larger pieces.



Change of Plans

It was a sad, sad day this past Saturday when I was notified that the handmade craft fair I was to be a part of had been cancelled. Apparently many of the vendors who had participated in previous years had other commitments that weekend.

So, I did a little bit of sleuthing and found a few other markets running that day. I am filling out the paperwork today for the one closest to home, and ramping up production for a much larger display area.

Bigger and better things are in store, my friends.

All things happen for a reason as they say, and perhaps I am meant to take a big, giant leap into the market vendor arena rather than the tiny baby steps that I had originally planned.