My Jewelry Studio

My workspace is always evolving.

When I was starting out with jewelrymaking doing beadwork and wirewrapping, my studio was my livingroom, the coffee table was my bench, and my supplies were kept in a sewing basket.

Then I had a rickety table with wobbly legs in a spare bedroom when I progressed to soldering. That didn’t last long and I soon bought a pine rolltop desk to use. After this photo was taken my husband raised it and added little arms so I could attach a vise.


This is my current set up, and I am quite pleased with it.


A solid oak rolltop desk with a nice, high center section for torch soldering. I have all my silversmithing tools and materials in or on this desk.

I am keeping my original rolltop desk too for electroforming and possibly etching. The drawers hold my brass and copper wire, tube and sheet.


I usually stand right now while working as it is easier to go back and forth between the two desks and my power outlet situation needs tweaking.

I have been making rings and earrings the last couple of days so it is a little bit messier!

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