My Jewelry Studio

My workspace is always evolving.

When I was starting out with jewelrymaking doing beadwork and wirewrapping, my studio was my livingroom, the coffee table was my bench, and my supplies were kept in a sewing basket.

Then I had a rickety table with wobbly legs in a spare bedroom when I progressed to soldering. That didn’t last long and I soon bought a pine rolltop desk to use. After this photo was taken my husband raised it and added little arms so I could attach a vise.


This is my current set up, and I am quite pleased with it.


A solid oak rolltop desk with a nice, high center section for torch soldering. I have all my silversmithing tools and materials in or on this desk.

I am keeping my original rolltop desk too for electroforming and possibly etching. The drawers hold my brass and copper wire, tube and sheet.


I usually stand right now while working as it is easier to go back and forth between the two desks and my power outlet situation needs tweaking.

I have been making rings and earrings the last couple of days so it is a little bit messier!

My FIRST Craft Fair!

I did it, you guys! I registered for my first market.


This is a big step for me.
A huge, enormous, gigantic step, actually.

Apparently, the human brain can’t differentiate between anxiety and excitement, and it’s the same physical and emotional response for either. So let’s just say I’m REALLY EXCITED about this new direction.

OH BOY, am I ever excited.

I get one table. 6ft long, with power for up to 5 plugs.

Probably overkill on the power but I’d rather have too much available and not use it, than not have it and want it when I’m there.

Getting Prepared!

I’ve been pinning all sorts of craft display ideas and packaging ideas on my Pinterest account and continually add projects to my husband the woodworker’s honey-do list.

I have a new floor length, fitted black tablecloth.

I have 800 business cards. One design is mostly black which I discovered doesn’t hold up well so I ordered 500 new cards in white.

I have 96 matching (black)custom stickers! I may order more with the new white design.

I figured out my boxes and bags situation, now I am working on the tags and embellishments to make them stand out. I think I will make up about 30 bags beforehand and bring supplies to whip up more if sales are fantastic and I need more.

I have a square card reader. YAY!
note to self: I need to test it before the big day.

and most importantly, I have some stuff to put on the table! YAY!

I’m bringing predominantly copper electroformed necklaces and RINGS, RINGS, RINGS because I just love making rings. I am also considering bringing several pairs of earrings and keychains for small ticket items.

Stay tuned, I’ll update with my progress.


UPDATE: The show I was referring to was cancelled, so I am doing a much, much larger two day show instead! See my Upcoming Craft Shows page for details.

Electroforming 101

What is Electroforming?

If you’re asking me, it is part science and part magic!

Particles of copper are taken from a source or donor piece of copper, known as the anode, and deposited onto a recipient target, called a cathode.

This is done using a controlled electrical current generated by a device known as a rectifier in a highly acidic copper sulphate solution.

It is much like electroplating, although with electroFORMING,the surface is non metallic and therefore must be prepared beforehand to be electrically conductive with a copper or graphite based coating.

This is my tank:

Electroforming Setup - Tank, Solution, anodes and cathodes

Electroform Tank

It can handle 10-12 rings at a time. The entire process takes a few days and the results are somewhat unpredictable, but it is incredibly satisfying to pull a piece out of the bath!

I like using this technique for large gemstones, points and chips. The texture and organic feel of the copper really suits raw, rough crystals.

I then clean the pieces, file any rough or sharp edges, oxidize, and buff/polish.

Welcome To My Happy Place!

I am so excited to welcome you into my studio to share my beautiful finished pieces and glimpses of the creative processes behind them.

I design and fabricate my jewelry using a variety of materials and techniques to suit a wide range of personal tastes and budgets. Most items feature crystals and semiprecious stones, and I am fond of incorporating a combination of silver, copper and brass elements for a mixed metals look.

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